Digital TV is Here!


The digital switchover is now complete in the UK.

We can now benefit from an increased variety of digital tv channels with greater picture and audio quality & a stronger signal.

The majority of digital tv's & set top boxes provide advanced digital programming guides allowing you to view upcoming Freeview television program schedules at least a week in advance and also to set your digital video recorder directly from the program guide

The service offered by freeview TV provides approximately 130 digital television & radio channels and enhanced digital teletext, digital programming guides and interactive services.

The main channels are also available in HD.



Freeview+ is a similar recording system to Sky+ and the new Freesat+ PVR & gives you the ability to pause, rewind & record your favourite digital television shows

You can even set your Freeview+ receiver to record an entire series of your favourite television programmes by the press of a button.

Freeview+ like the other Freeview services requires no monthly charge or subscription, and is completely free of charge providing you have a Freeview+ digital receiver.

Freeview+ needs no tapes or discs as it records onto the built-in hard drive which can usually hold over 80hours of programs before you need to delete any.